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11 Apr 2019

Responsive web designing, a big hot topic in current time and is widely adopted by a large number of specialized designers & developers of every leading web designing businesses for past few years among which the name of North Infotech is on top as the best leading company of website designsingapore.Responsive Web Designing is an optimal version of usual web designing. The Main purpose behind designing the responsive website is to lead a progressive & updated user experience of all optimal features like scrolling,navigating, the clarity of reading contents of the website, etc. in a singlewebsite.In a passionate and dedicated responsive website designing work, the wide team of developers and designers of North Infotech the best leading Web Design agency singapore has shown an outstanding and highly appreciated step. The concept that we have mainly applied in our innovative Responsive Website designing & developing layouts are fully creative features based,which in recent few years has given a new rise in the wave of web visitors.In our fully unmatched responsive web designing service, we have primarily included few such distinct responsive web designing strategies that not only has offered a new height to our business but also has significantly has increased the sale of Responsive Website and thus has offered a new identity to our business as the best reputed firm of web design singapore.These benefits are 10 in number and are the following:

(i) Being effectively affordable: We in our Responsive Web Designing services have tried to include as possible as few particular absolutely different targeted applications together in a single website, which was considerably time-consuming and was needless addition earlier.

(ii) Quick uploading of the page: In our optimized Responsive Website Creation, we have poured a great effort in reducing the uploading time, which was earlier extremely frustrated some for users, as the loading speed they would experience was around of 3 seconds and more than that.

(iii) No need for frequent maintenance: In common and separate websites,there requires frequent maintenance in testing and setting. But in the innovative Responsive Website Designing process, a standard and of high quality testing and setting methodology is widely included that gets fit in every device and in all sizes’ of devices.

(iv) Good return of investment: With the best service of North Infotech, youno need any additional investment to build your website responsive. The core aim of North Infotech’s team is to provide you with such value-added service that is completely easy to handle, risk-free, user-friendly and is available indifferent classy styles.

(v) Search Engine Friendly: It is a key strive of North Infotech to provide its user such an effective highly Responsive Website that so far has gained a top-ranked for a longer period on Google Search Engine.

(vi) Save time in content management: Such website which is truly responsive and manageable in a set of contents.

(vii) Keep all the Analytics at one place together: A single URL refers to a single Analytics, with our best Responsive Web Designing Service, you get all the Analytics together at one place, which probably has proved much easier than before to find and examine.

(viii) Has simplified the development and designing methods: Which is the core aim of our service is to create such Responsive websites that are easy to manage and use and can uninterruptedly be run at any time anywhere.

(ix) Updating of the browser: It keeps your browser updated every time.

(x) Has shown an effective response in link building: Link building is always considered a highly necessary and one of the big tasks for SEO Managers and is quite lengthy and tiresome work but with our responsive web designing you get an easy maintaining of all your backlinks along with relevant contents that used primarily finds.

9 Nov 2017
Web Design Copmany in Singapore

Web Application Development has become an important ingredient when we talk about complete IT solutions which are defined as the process and practice of developing web applications.It has some similarity with a traditional desktop application, as it also have varying levels of risk. It is less risky to have a personal home page than a stock trading web site. Software bugs, Security, etc. are major issues for some projects.  In case of technical complexity or time to market, documentation, change control, test planning, architectural description, requirements analysis, formal design and construction practices can moderate risk.

So as it is very crucial part hence one has to be very clear what information he must gather while going for hiring a web designing or web app development company in Singapore. You must have the details of the professionals in terms of their experience, talent, skills, handed project, expertise level etc who are going to handle your project as When it comes to coding a web application, quality is of the upmost importance. Always remember, An impressive degree doesn’t always equate to quality programming skills. It’s the combination of the knowledge, skills, zeal, coding skills, experience etc which makes an individual a good developer. Your concern must include clean, consistently written code.

As Website App Frameworks are a structural coding system allows designers and programmers to effortlessly work on the same project. This organised system exploits returnable libraries, components and tools to indorse better code maintainability and future growth. So you must have to be sure that the development company which they are going to hire for website application development follows coding standards and is using a framework.

The above mentioned points are just a few essential considerations when hiring a good development company.

15 Mar 2017
7 Jan 2017

Android Apps

We believe in developing mobile applications that create an impact and truly matter. We understand the need for an app to be engaging, visually appealing, and business centric all at the same time and our Android consultants and engineers at North infotech are capable of providing you the same.

IOS Apps

We offer high performance, secure and engaging iPhone mobile applications to users allowing them to tap into the wider functionality of their iPhones and iPad. Every successful app begins with a concept right from discovery to monetization. We bridge the highest level of user experience with deployments and security while developing mobile apps.

Windows Apps

Windows Mobile OS is one of the largest deployed Operating Systems on the mobile and the handheld Devices. Our experienced team at Softway Solutions has the expertise in developing windows mobile Applications in C#.

Hybrid Apps

A hybrid application is a perfect combination of distinct elements, technologies and approaches, which leverages on both web and native mobile technologies. Our programmers possess enough expertise in CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript & leading technology to create exclusively powerful yet innovative applications providing an excellent user experience.